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The Goddess [ C a s u a l ]

The Goddess [ C a s u a l ]


Take me home, where my dreams are made of gold.
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Take me home, where my dreams are made of gold.

from ex-soldier to warrior goddess

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What do you gain from hurting Vanille? - Lightning to Fang

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Lightning 31: How Lightning works. XD
1. Ex-Soldier
2. The goddess' warrior
3. What is she really now?


I kind’a miss how Lightning used to look. She used to be insanely beautiful, but not.. overly feminine looking? ;3; I dunno. She’s still pretty now. But, final fantasy xiii-3 Lightning just looks too different from FFXIII and FFXIII-2, in the face area. Narrower chin, thicker eye-liner. Just more “perfect” feature wise, than she used to be. Less “real”. 

Not that ‘m hating on the changes, just saying.

I miss how she used to look. 

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